Die tooling applied Engineering Integral Solutions

With over 20 years of experience, Didaka guarantees a solvent coverage of technical solutions and development of die tooling, ensuring the viability of the project in any of its execution stages.

Turnkey Tooling

We are specialised in designing all kind of dies, in optimising the process and in manufacturing.

We establish a complete close look in all stages of the project.
Planning, studying, 3D design, building of the die up to the beginning of the production plant.

We make sure at any point the viability of the project in order to meet the requirements of quality, costs and term of our customers.

Project Study and Design

We make projects with complete study and design, piece optimisation, viability analysis and design of dies.

We are specialised in progressive dies, compound dies, phases dies, transfer dies and combination dies.

Passbands, 3D projections, layouts, isometrics, sections and documentation with material listing, normalised listing, etc.


Simulation, fitting analysis, stamping analysis and viability exam.

Modelling of the surfaces to be stamped.
Analysis of the stamping process.
Simulation of stamping in multiple stages.
Generation of mesh in finite elements.
Springback simulation of recuperation effects.

With CAE’s simulations we find a substantial reduction of the testing time, the pieces development cycle and of the associated costs.

Partial Services

    We are compromised with the total service and adaptation with total flexibility to partial projects.

  • Feasibility and viability studies, and/or optimisation of the piece.
  • Simulation of fabrication process and of piece’s behaviour.
  • 3D Modelling.
  • 2D Plans.
  • Design of measurements and verification of the piece.
  • Project documentation. List of materials, isometric views with ID’s, etc.

Cutting Edge and Service

We are an expert team of professionals, demanding and friendly, where quality and rigour gives us the trust to establish lasting and efficient relationships with our customers.

Assisted by the most advanced machinery and with a continuous training in the last trends of the sector, bringing innovation and experience in all our projects.

We value the capacity of being able to assume any project with the motivation and compromise of providing outputs and functionalities that repercute in a direct profit for our customers, optimising profitability and efficiency in the integration of design and fabrication.

Contact with Us

You can find us from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 14 and from 15.30 to 18.30 h.

Llobregat, 7. 08784 Piera, Barcelona


937 760 056